Your home, your haven

19 July 2017
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Our home should be our haven, our safe place to return to at the end of the day where we can relax and enjoy life.  A home reflects who we are, what we do and what we think.  Art work, furniture choices, floor furnishings and more all build an environment that speaks to our sense of self and what we find comforting.

Often a home in disarray indicates a life in disarray.  It doesn't take much to fall behind on a few simple chores, and before long a mess can build up.  It takes time to get things settled and back in order, and depending on how much time has gone by our homes can become cluttered with unwanted things.  Our tastes change, or we welcome new people to our family that want to bring their own uniqueness to the home.  We buy things we like without thinking if there's room or not, or what needs to go to make room.  Sometimes illness happens, and life is whittled down to the very basics in order to survive.  The reasons don't really matter, what is important is getting your home back to being a place you want to be, and a place you can relax and be yourself.

There are two main ways to tackle the job of reclaiming your personal space.  You can approach the task room by room, or job by job.  Regardless of which way you choose, the first task is getting rid of any and all garbage.  Pick up everything on the floor, and if it's garbage throw it in a garbage bag.  Laundry goes to the laundry hampers or laundry room, dishes and cutlery go to the kitchen.  This means that certain areas will get messier before they get cleaner, but that's ok.  Everything will look worse before it gets better, it's just a step on the path to getting your home back.

Once the garbage is bagged, clean the floors.  Take the time to sweep, vacuum and mop, you will feel better having a clean place to walk and the rooms will instantly look bigger and better.  Evaluate your clothing, do you really want to keep it all?  As you sort to start loads of laundry, also sort out items that can be donated, and items that can be thrown away.  Bag up items to be donated in clear garbage bags so you know the contents at a glance, and label them.  Items to be thrown away can go straight in a trash bag.  Follow the same process with items, knick knacks, artwork and even furniture to keep simplifying your home and reclaiming space.

Needless to say, this process can generate quite a large amount of trash, particularly if there are bigger items like furniture to throw out.  Consider renting a trash bin for a week, or even a month, that can be hauled away once you're finished.  Being able to easily get garbage stored properly and out of sight is a great motivator and keeps your property looking as tidy as possible.  Look into different sizes of bin, cost over time, and evaluate what size you need and for how long.  The convenience is easily worth the cost.