Is a construction skip bin the right choice for your property?

27 April 2018
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If you're working on a construction project such as building a home or commercial premises, you will often find yourself with a lot of waste on sight. Indeed, construction sites have to deal with large amounts of construction waste such as rocks, cardboard and landscape waste.

To properly manage your waste on site, you will need a solution that is flexible, effective and reliable. Construction skip bins provide the best available solution for dealing with construction waste.

Waste for construction skip bins

When working on a construction site, the waste you will be dealing with is far different from general household waste. It will be heavy, cumbersome and sometimes hazardous. Construction skips consist of a sturdy metallic frame and a large inner space that can fit large quantities of waste.

Once installed on sight, a construction skip remains anchored in place and provides a mechanism for easy waste disposal. You can safely dispose of the following in a construction skip.

  • Landscape waste (earth and rocks)

When building a structure, you will most likely need to prepare the landscape by moving earth or digging a foundation. The waste from the landscape will consist of soil, rocks, vegetation and other similar items.

If you have a construction skip on site, you can simply dump landscape waste directly into the skip as you excavate.

  • Building waste

Are you demolishing an existing structure to build a new one? Most of the waste from the old building can be placed in a construction skip. Rocks, cardboard, plywood and other building materials can be easily disposed of after demolition. However, be careful not to place asbestos containing materials inside the construction skip.

While most construction waste can be safely placed in the skip, not all items can be disposed of in a construction skip. In particular, you should avoid placing tree stumps, food waste, liquids and chemicals in construction skips.

Construction skip bin services

When hiring a construction skip bin, the services you receive don't stop at the hiring stage. You can also expect to enjoy the following perks when renting a construction skip.

  • Flexible rental periods

Most construction skip companies are flexible in terms of the rental periods they offer. Because construction projects often have a lot of uncertainty in terms of the quantity of work to be done and the timelines for completion, it is important for you to work with a company that will respond to your waste management needs in a timely fashion.

  • Delivery and pickup options

Construction waste is heavy. Once the skip bin is filled, you will need it hauled away from the premises to create space for other tasks. With delivery and pickup options, construction skip companies ensure that the skip is hauled away when you don't need it anymore.